Blaupunkt With the Blaupunkt Supernova, the Hildesheim company Blaupunkt was present in 1968 with a veritable world band radio in a receiver segment that was dominated in Germany by sets from Grundig, Nordmende, Schaub-ITT and also Japanese manufacturers.

Company history

The company Ideal Radio Telefon- und Apparatefabrik GmbH was founded in Berlin at the end of 1923 and registered the Blaupunkt („Blue dot“) trademarked in 1924. In addition to plug-in crystal detectors, tubes, domestic radios, the first car radio was presented in 1932.

After the destruction of the Berlin factories during the war, an emergency production was started and branches were founded in Hildesheim and Darmstadt. The variety of models increased until the production of domestic radios came to an end in 1972. In the car radio segment, Blaupunkt retained its excellent reputation and held a large market share until the 1990s.

Further information

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