Tube-equipped receivers from Autophon

The Swiss company Autophon was founded in Solothurn in 1922 as a manufacturer for equipment for automated telephony. In 1931, LF telephone broadcast receivers were added to the product range, radio receivers were initially manufactured under Lorenz licence. From 1935 on, the company produced radio receivers from it's own development. Autophon maintained its position in the Swiss radio market until the 1950s, but lost touch with the developments in FM broadcastin and television and failed to keep up with a sufficient market share.

Autophon was active in the commercial / military sector for even longer time, several receivers and transceivers used in the Swiss Army came from the Solothurn plants.

The telecommunication activities were merged into the company Ascom in 1987.

Tube-equipped receivers from Autophon AG, Solothurn

All-wave receiver E391939/41Single Conversion100 kHz - 60 MHzPlug in coils for frequency ranges
All-wave receiver E441945/51Single Conversion100 kHz - 37 MHzturret tuner, separate mains power supply with output stage / loudspeaker
Alarm receiver E451945/51Single Conversion3 - 15 MHzturret tuner, separate mains power supply; Air Force alarm receiver
VHF receiver E461942/5Single Conversion27 - 101 MHzVHF surveillance receiver
Shortwave receiver E521942Single Conversion100 kHz - 37 MHzCommercial version of the E44
VHF receiver E621942Single Conversion27 - 101 MHzCommercial version of the VHF receiver E46
Shortwave receiver E-761952Single Conversion1.5 - 32 MHzCommercial version of the E-627
VHF receiver E-771955Single Conversion20 - 180 MHzCommercial variant of the E-628
Shortwave receiver E-6271952/56Single Conversion1.5 - 32 MHzMilitary variant
VHF receiver E-6281955/58Single Conversion20 - 180 MHzMilitary variant

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