Boatanchors by Watkins - Johnson

The Watkins-Johnson Company was founded in 1957 in Palo Alto, CA; from 1966 onwards it was known as the Watkins-Johnson Company Telecommunications Group in Gaithersburg, MA, manufacturing communications equipment primarily for military and intelligence agencies; at last 450 people were employed.

Probably after 1998, Watkins-Johnson was acquired by Marconi and then by BAE SYSTEMS North America (British Aerospace). The Gaithersburg facility was acquired by Integrated Defense Technologies IDT in 2002 for US$146 million, which then was acquired by DRS Technologies Inc. in November 2003 (DRS Electronic Systems, Inc., 200 Professional Drive, Gaithersburg, MD 20879).

With the HF-1000, Watkins-Johnson produced a single DSP-capable semi - professional receiver after 1993, targeting radio amateurs and others.

Boatanchor receivers by Watkins - Johnson

373A-21966Triple conversion0.5 - 30 MHzSurveillance receiver, linear analogue display; AM, CW, FM
521A-3approx. 1970Single conversion20 - 80 MHzVHF surveillance receiver, analogue display and optional digital display with Nixie tubes DRO-290A-1 and integrated panoramic display
WJ-8888 / „Quad8“1972Triple conversion0.5 - 30 MHzAM, CW, USB, LSB, ISB, FM
WJ-8888B1976Triple conversion0.5 - 30 MHzidentical technical specifications, 4 tuning speeds
WJ-87181976Double conversion5 - 30000 kHzAM, CW, FM
WJ-8718A1982Double conversion5 - 30000 kHzAM, CW, FM
WJ-8718A/MFP1986Double conversion5 - 30000 kHztechnical specifications identical, microprocessor control
WJ-8711 / WJ-8711A1990Double conversion5 - 30000 kHzAM, CW, LSB, USB, ISB, FM; DSP IF, AGCx2, RS 232 - Port
HF-10001993Double conversion5 - 30000 kHzAM, CW, LSB, USB, ISB, FM; DSP IF, AGCx2, RS 232 - port; semi-professional successor.
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