Braun, Frankfurt

The German manufacturer Braun developed various portable radios and, with the T1000 CD, a single serious world band receiver, which got cult status due to its design by Dieter Rams.

Company history

Max Braun oHG, Werkstatt für Apparatebau, Frankfurt brought out a first detector receiver around 1925 and later radio components; from 1933, the company had obtained a building permit and sold portable radios from 1936.

After the Braun factories were destroyed by a major fire during the war years, Braun was only able to resume production of radio sets in 1948. From 1950 onwards, renowned designers were contracted and the sets from Braun were given their characteristic plain design. The most famous sets were designed by Hans Gugelot and Dieter Rams, such as the „Snow White's Coffin“ SK4 and the T1000.

Further information

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