Philips D 1835 Compass

Manufactured by Philips, Hilversum.

As a competitor to the classic analogue shortwave multiband radios such as Sony's ICF-7600A or the RF-B50 from Panasonic, Philips launched the analogue D-1835 around 1986, probably an effort to gain a foothold in the relatively small travel receiver market.

Philips D 1825

Technical data

Power supply


  • 190 x 120 x 35 mm, weight 0.3 kg


  • Mains power supply unit EM-1500 for 6 V =

Philips D 1825


The Philips D-1835 is a pocketbook-sized analogue multiband receiver that is not even particularly small at 19 x 12 x 3.5 cm.

The unit is powered by four UM-3 batteries or by 6 V DC from the external EM-1000 power supply. It is equipped with a carrying strap and a small plastic stand on the back.

On the front panel, the large loudspeaker is found on the left side.

The right side of the front panel is domniated by the large analogue dial, the dial pointer runs vertically, the dial accuracy on VHF, MW and LW is poor, as the dial marks of these bands are only printed outside the dial window, the pointer only moves in the window behind the shortwave dials. The set covers the broadcast bands from 11 - 49 m, the frequency marks in the bandspread shortwave bands are coarse, a dial accuracy of about 20 kHz will result.

The bands are switched with a slide switch below the dial, a red plastic marker behind a small window indicates the active band, further down are the tone and volume controls also in the form of slide controls. The power switch is located at the bottom on the right face of the set. Unfortunately, it cannot be operated when the radio is stored in the protective leather bag.

Philips D 1825 In summary, the D-1835 is a usable analogue travel radio that gives medium performance on the common shortwave broadcast bands - but not much more.

As soon as the listener has somewhat higher demands - coverage of amateur radio or out-of-band frequencies including the tropical bands, CW/SSB reception, digital frequency display - you have to look for another radio. Only the quality of workmanship is certainly higher than that of the cheap Chinese goods sold by discounters.

Technical principle

Single conversion superhet in analogue technology.


The set is equipped with semiconductors.

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