Travel portables from various manufacturers

This section presents small-format travel receivers with coverage of the shortwave range from various smaller manufacturers. If there is no manufacturer section in the main „travel radios“ section, it is worth looking here.

Travel portables from German brandsThis section lists devices that were sold under the brand names of various German companies. Most of them were manufactured in the Far East
Travel portables from Japanese companiesThis section lists Japanese travel radios from various usually smaller manufacturers.
Travel radios from Swiss companiesTravel Radios from Swiss brands
Travel radios from U.S. companiesMost travel portables vom Radio Shack carrying the „Realistic DX“ designation can be found in the Sangean section.

Travel portables from other manufacturers

Silver XF24001985?Single ConversionVHF, LW, MW, 7 x SWJapanese company, sets made in Taiwan
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