Nordmende Galaxy Mesa 4000

Manufactured by Nordmende, Bremen; chassis 2.110 A/J resp. 772.110A/J

In the seventies, Nordmende offered a whole range of shortwave portable radios, from the Galaxy Mesa 2000, which only covered the 49 m broadcast band to the multiband receiver equipped with a turret tuner Galaxy Mesa 9000 ST.

Nordmende Galaxy Mesa 4000

Technical data

Power supply


  • 348 x 192 x 81 mm, weight 2.5 kg



The Nordmende Galaxy Mesa 4000 (a set very similar to the variants 4400 and 4404, which were released in the following years) is a portable radio with mains poer supply, which coveres two spread shortwave bands in addition to the usual LMKU. Its little brother, the Galaxy Mesa 2000 covers only the 49 m band in the shortwave range.

The Galaxy Mesa 4000 has a weight of 2.5 kg and dimensions of 35 x 19 x 8 cm. In contrast to the older Globetrotter, the loudspeaker and dial are both located on the receiver front.

The cover for the battery compartment is located at the bottom face. The Galaxy Mesa can be operated from two 4.5V torch batteries, and there is also room in the battery compartment to store the mains cable.

The buttons top select the wavebands are located at the top of the set, and the big red button turns the receiver on. The front panel is dominated by the large 2 Watt loudspeaker on the left and the tuning dial on the right. The set covers the 49 m band to receive stations from Europe (K3), the 19 m band for international stations (K2) and the general coverage 7 - 18 MHz range (K1). In the latter range, only strong out-of-band stations can be heard due to the very poor dial accuracy, but on these channels, the reception is often stable and without adjacent channel interference.

Below the large frequency dial, the tone and volume controls (the slider controls ternd to be subject to corrosion), the switch for mains and battery reception and the tuning knob are located.

The set is technically uncomplicated; only the band selector push-buttons and the sliding potentiometers tend to get dirty and corroded, so that cleaning may be necessary at these points on an old unit.

Operation is just as uncomplicated: switch on the radio with the red button, press the band button, tune, adjust volume and sound - done.

In summary, the Galaxy Mesa is a portable receiver equipped with two spread shortwave bands, which is suitable at best as an entry-level shortwave radio or as a radio for workshop or kitchen use, unless you want to complete your collection of Nordmende radios.

Technical principle

Single conversion superhet, two spread shortwave broadcast bands.


The set is semi-conductor equipped.

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