Nordmende Galaxy Mesa 6000

Manufactured by Nordmende, Bremen; chassis 772.102.A.

The Galaxy Mesa 6000 is the mid-range model of the Galaxy Mesa series from Nordmende, which was launched at the beginning of the seventies. The single conversion portable superhet covers the most popular shortwave bands.

The Galaxy Mesa 6600 model from the 1972 model year is largely identical.

Nordmende Galaxy Mesa 6000

Technical data

Power supply


  • 400 x 195 x 75 mm, weight 3.1 kg


Nordmende Galaxy Mesa 6000


The Nordmende Galaxy Mesa 6000 (except for cosmetic changes, the 6600 and 6606 variants released in subsequent years are mostly identical) is a large mains-powered portable radio that provides coverage of the most popular international shortwave bands with band spread.

The Galaxy Mesa 6000 has a carrying handle on the top (yes, travel radio still had a carrying handle in those days…) and has a weight of 3.1 kg, the dimensions are 40 x 19.5 x 7.5 cm.

On the top face of the unit, you find the push buttons for the different shortwave bands on the left and for the band ranges on the right, the red button is used to switch the Galaxy Mesa 6000 on or off.

The left half of the front panel is taken by the large loudspeaker grill; at its right, the frequency dials and the separate tuning knobs for the AM ranges and the FM broadcast band are located.

Below the dials, the slider controls for tone and volume and next to them the switches for LANGUAGE/MUSIC, the dial illumination and to switch between mains and battery operation are located.

Nordmende Galaxy Mesa 6000 The battery and mains cable compartments are located behind sliding covers on the back of the unit; fortunately, the receiver has a built in the mains adapter.

Operating the Galaxy Mesa 6000 is not very challenging, there is not much you can do wrong. The red button turns the receiver on, the corresponding shortwave band is also selected with the push-button, tuning, adjusting volume and tone, done. If the set remains mute, it is worth checking if the power switch is in the POWER position.

The Galaxy Mesa 6000 lacks a few features to make a serious shortwave receiver out of it: it lacks continuous shortwave coverage, tropical band and out-of-band channels cannot be tuned; it lacks a BFO for single sideband reception, selectable IF filters, an S-meter, a long wish list. Nordmende has realised some of these in the big siblings of the Galaxy Mesa 6000.

In summary, the Galaxy Mesa 6000 is a good performer on the common shortwave broadcast bands, but it still lacks too much to be a serious shortwave receiver.

Technical principle


The set is equipped with semiconductors.

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