Sony ICF-SW1000T

Manufactured by Sony, Tokyo.

In 1995, Sony once again presented the ultimate result of its miniaturisation efforts: the engineers had managed to fit an autoreverse cassette recorder and a complete double conversion superhet with PLL synthesis into a receiver not much bigger than the packaging of an audio cassette.

Sony ICF-SW1000T

Technical data

Power supply

  • Batteries: 3 x 1.5 V (UM-3), two for the receiver functions and one for the cassette recorder functions.


  • 176 x 105 x 40 mm, weight 0.6 kg


Sony ICF-SW1000T


The Sony ICF-SW1000T is a combination of a shortwave receiver and an autoreverse cassette recorder, technically the receiver circuit is similar to the ICF-SW100.

The dimensions of the set is comparable to the ICF-SW7600G, on the front panel the controls are arranged in a similar way and on the top you find the buttons to operate the cassette recorder.

As a double conversion superhet with PLL frequency synthesis, the Sony ICF-SW100 covers the FM broadcast band (with the 76 - 108 MHz frequency band extension common in Japan). The tuning step is 1 kHz (in SSB mode even 0.1 kHz) and the set has a BFO for single sideband reception and a synchronous detector for automatic ECSS reception.

The main switch, attenuator switch and the jacks for the mains adapter and the antenna are on the left face of the unit, the volume control and the jacks for line out and headphones are on the right face.

The frequency can be entered directly using the numeric keypad, the set can be tuned with the UP/DOWN keys, and it also has a scanning function for fifty frequency memories. The frequency memories are organised with ten memory pages of five memory channels each.

The world clock has the city names for the twenty-four time zones already programmed, the changeover to daylight saving time is done at the push of a button, and the mediumwave frequency grid is automatically switched from 9 kHz in Europe to 10 kHz common in the Americas based on the selected time zone.

The sensitivity and selectivity do not quite meet the high expectations, the set does not separate 5 kHz channels sufficiently and the sync detector only helps with a strong signal and free adjacent channel, with weak signals it would not lock; it does not come close to the excellent sync detector of the ICF-2001D or also the ICF-SW7600G.

Sony ICF-SW1000T With the combination of a powerful shortwave radio and an auto-reverse cassette recorder, the set gives a shortwave enthousiast on the move everything his heart desires (well, in the 21st millennium, listening to internet stations and making digital recordings on mp3 with a smartphone is in line with current technology); on location, you can listen to local stations and make recordings at the same time.

Technical principle

Double conversion with digital PLL frequency synthesis.


The set is equipped with semiconductors.

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