ITT Schaub-Lorenz

Company history

G. Schaub Apparatebau - Gesellschaft mbH was founded in 1925 in Berlin-Charlottenburg and initially manufactured detector and valve receivers. In 1934, the production was moved to Pforzheim. In 1941, the company is integrated into Conrad Lorenz AG, Berlin, and adapted to wartime production; after a bombing raid, the factory burned out in February 1945.

In 1946, production was resumed. During the years of the Berlin blockade, the production was transferred entirely to Pforzheim and in 1956 the name was changed to Schaub-Lorenz. ITT wook over some of the export tasks.

In 1958, Schaub-Lorenz was merged with other companies to form Standard Elektrik Lorenz AG (SEL), and a new production plant started operations in Rastatt in 1959, with production there continuing until 1978.

The ITT Schaub-Lorenz division, founded in 1979, was sold by ITT in 1986 to the French CGE, which sold it to Nokia in 1988, shortly after, production came to an end.

Further information

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