Japan Radio Company

Japan Radio Company Japan Radio Co. or JRC, Japanese Nihon Musen Kabushiki Kaisha, Tokyo.

Company History

The Tokyo-based Japan Radio Company developed radiotelegraphic equipment from the 1920s onwards, and later radio and navigation equipment for maritime use, including radar systems and GPS equipment.

From the mid-1960s onwards, JRC launched high-quality communication receivers for use in maritime radio and point-to-point traffic, which gave the brand an excellent reputation among radio amateurs. Starting with the NRD-505 in 1977, JRC launched high quality amateur radio receivers (NRD-5×5 series), transmitters and transceivers and was active in the commercial and amateur radio segment until 2002.

Since then, the group has mainly manufactured navigation and technical equipment for the maritime industry and in 2013 acquired Alphatron Marine B.V. and made it its European headquarters.

Further information

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