Equipment of the German Armed Forces

The equipment of the German Reichswehr and, in the years of the Second World War, of the German Wehrmacht were made by the most important German manufacturers of communications equipment and usually bear abbreviations corresponding to the purpose of use.

After the end of the Second World War, with the integration of the Federal Republic of Germany into NATO, NATO equipment was also used by the Bundeswehr. Some American surplus equipment with a German front panel was also used by government agencies.

Military equipment of the German Wehrmacht

Torn.E.b1935TRF with regenerationLW, MW, SW 1,6 - 7,1 MHzAM
E 52 (Köln)1941Single conversionKW 1.5 - 25.2 MHzAM, CW
FuMB 4 "Samos"ca. 1940Single conversion90 - 470 MHzAM, FM
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