Swiss Army receivers

In the early days of radio communications, receivers produced by Telefunken, Berlin were mainly procured for the Swiss Armed Forces. With the advent of World War II, more Swiss-made equipment was introduced, such as superhet receivers from Autophon and Zellweger.

Surveillance receivers were acquired in larger numbers, and high-quality communications receivers were purchased in small numbers for interception services and radio surveillance.


In the early days, receivers were designated by an abbreviation Exx, E standing for receiver and the number for the year of introduction.

In 1951, a new nomenclature was introduced in the Swiss Army. Receivers were henceforth given the designation E-6xx, and the devices were numbered consecutively according to chronological order. The receivers still in service received a new designation according to the E-6xx nomenclature in addition to the old one.

Receivers of the Swiss Army

E-600 (E39)1939/41Single conversion100 kHz - 60 MHzcoil sets for frequency ranges
E-601 (E41)1941Single / double conversion superhet100 kHz - 60 MHzCoil sets for frequency ranges
E-602 (E44)1945/51Single conversion100 kHz - 37 MHzdrum tuner, separate mains power supply with output stage / loudspeaker
E-603 (E45)1945/51Single conversion3 - 15 MHzturret tuner, separate mains power supply; Air Force alert message receiver
E-604 (E46)1942/5Single conversion27 - 101 MHzVHF surveillance receiver
E-6061965Single conversionLW, MW, SW, UKWPortable radio with HF-TR
E-6271952/56Single conversion1,5 - 32 MHzMilitary AM receiver
E-6281955/58Single conversion20 - 180 MHzMilitary VHF receiver
E-6461980Single conversion2 - 12 MHzReceiver for air alert message system
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