In this section, I would like to give You an overview over the small or miniature portable „world receivers“. Since 1985, the technical improvements were terrific.

Even in 1980, a Panasonic DR-28 or Grundig Satellit 1400 have been advertised as travel radios, which „can be easily carried by the big handle and can be safely stored under your airplane seat…“ Nowadays, the user of the miniature worldband radios, hardly bigger than a matchbox, needs pointed fingers, to press the miniature buttons and switches.

In this section you will find worldband radios from around the size of a paperback book down to miniature size sets.

Sometimes, it's not easy to decide whether a model should be listed in the travel radio or portable receivers section, in these cases you might try both sections or consult the receiver list.

Travel portables

Grundig portable radiosThe typical travel radios of the German manufacturer Grundig were called „Yacht Boy“.
Panasonic portable radiosPanasonic had a variety of compact travel radios in their catalogue, typically, they had superior manufacturing quality as well as performance.
Philips portable radiosAfter the 1980s, Philips introduced a number of travel receivers that stood out more for their low price than for their performance. The decision was probably motivated by the success of Sony with the 7600 series.
Sangean portable radiosThe Taiwanese manufacturer Sangean first attracted attention with small travel radios in analogue technology, which were sold under various brand names by electronics discounters. In Europe, many shortwave listeners first became aware of Sangean through the receivers labeled as Siemens. After Siemens had withdrawn from the home electronics sector, the receivers were sold under Sangean's own brand.
Siemens portable radiosTravel radios manufactured by the Taiwanese manufacturer Sangean came to german shops under the Siemens brand label in the 1980s. It was only after Siemens had withdrawn from the home electronics market, that customers took note of the fact that the receivers came from Sangean; before that, sellers used to praise the excellent German manufacturing quality of the Siemens sets…
Sony portable radiosThe travel radios of the Japanese company Sony were characterised by exceptional innovation and a high degree of miniaturisation.
Miscellaneous portable radiosThis section presents small-format travel radios that are not made by one of the traditional large electronics manufacturers. In most cases, they came from Far Eastern production
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