Travel portables from German brands

With the internationalisation of production in the 1980s and 1990s, renowned German companies also began to put their own brand labels on products made in the Far East. A well-known example is the wide range of world receivers from Siemens. For many years, Siemens representatives at radio trade fairs denied, that the devices came from the Taiwanese manufacturer Sangean; after all, German brand quality was to be sold at a higher price.

The manufacturing quality varies, the reception quality is usually not up to what one was used to from the original receivers developed in Germany.

This section lists radios that were sold under the brands of various smaller German brands.

Travel portables from German brands

Nordmende Globetrotter 20191983Single ConversionVHF, LW, MW, 7 x SWAnalogue receiver with frequency counter, closely related to Silver XF1900
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