Panasonic RF-9L

Manufactured by National Panasonic.

Around 1984, Panasonic launched a miniature multiband travel radio: the RF-9L. This analogue set covers the shortwave bands from 49 - 16 m.

Panasonic RF - 9L

Technical data

Power supply


  • 136 x 74 x 26 mm, weight 0.2 kg


Panasonic RF - 9L


The Panasonic RF-9L is one of the smallest shortwave travel portables, it's a single conversion superhet with the dimensions 136 x 74 x 26 mm and a weight of 200 grams. The international variant RF-9 has no longwave coverage, the European variant RF-9L covers the longwave band, both sets cover the six most common shortwave broadcast bands (49 - 16 m) with a bandspread arrangement and analog tuning dial.

The tiny black - golden cabinet gives the set a very elegant appearence and the leatherette cover even improves this.

Behind the speaker grill at the left side of the receiver's front panel, a small 5 cm diameter speaker is located. At the right side, you find a tiny red glowing LED as signal strength indicator, just below the AM/FM modes switch, a tone control and the power switch. In the middle of the frontpanel, you find the analog bandspread dials for the shortwave broadcast bands from 49 - 16 meters, frequencies can be read with an accuracy of around 25 kHz. The active band is selected with the sliding switch just below.

At the right small face of the receiver, you find the tuning knob, tuning is accurate and without backlash.

Panasonic RF - 9L The RF-9L is a very elegant tiny little shortwave radio that really fits into a shirtpocket. It gives you good reception on local FM and mediumwave signals and gives you access to the „wide world“ on shortwaves, it is no problem to tune in several international broadcasters on shortwaves, but like with other sets with an analog dial, frequency reading accuracy is poor and finding a station on a known frequency or to identify a station from it's frequency is difficult.

If you are looking for a high tech receiver with digital frequency display, the much more recent Sony ICF-SW1 might be Your choice, but if you look for a really miniature multiband radio with above average finish, then look for a used Panasonic and leave these Chinese cheepish sets on the shelves at the discounter. The Panasonic RF-9 is a real radio that's worth paying for!

Technical principle

Single conversion superhet in analogue technology, linear band spreading dials covering the shortwave broadcast bands.


The set is solid state.

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