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RFT Funkwerk KöpenickThe VEB Kombinat Nachrichtenelektronik, Köpenik, was the main production site of premium communications receivers in the GDR. After German reunification, numerous sets from national offices made their way to the second-hand market. As far as performance is concerned, they can easily compete with receivers from famous West German and American manufacturers.

Company history

In 1934, the Gesellschaft für elektroakustische und mechanische Apparate mbH (GEMA) was founded in Berlin. Until 1945, the company developed radio measurement and sonar sets for the German Reichswehr and Wehrmacht.

After the end of the Second World War, the company premises were found largely intact and were taken over by the Soviet troops and set under the control of the Soviet Military Administration in Germany (SMAD). In 1949, the company, which produced measuring instruments for maritime use, was transferred to the ownership of the GDR. As VEB Funkwerk Köpenick (People's Owned Enterprise), production was converted to communications equipment and the development of measuring equipment was handed over to VEB Messmittel Berlin in 1963.

In addition to the communication receivers from the „RFT Funkwerk Köpenick VEB“, which were used in various countries of the CMEA, also transmitting equipment was built by the „RFT Zentrallaboratorium für Signal- & Sonderanlagen VEB“. After the merger to form the RFT Funkwerk Köpenick VEB, plants were built in Zernsdorf near Königswusterhausen and Berlin - Oberschöneweide. In 1952 the first medium-wave transmitters and in 1957/58 the first FM broadcast band and television transmitters were installed. In 1965, the Funkwerk Dabendorf VEB is spun off; in 1969, a prestigious major project is completed with the opening of the Berlin Radio Tower.

In 1986, the company was transferred to the VEB Kombinat Nachrichtenelektronik with a head office in Leipzig. After the end of the GDR, the facilities were handed over to Funkwerk Köpenick GmbH and continued production for a short time.

In 1992, the factory was taken over by DeTeWe, and a part of it went to Rohde & Schwarz as FTK Funktechnik Köpenick GmbH, where the production of FM broadcast bands / VHF transmitters was continued.

Further information

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