Rohde & Schwarz, Munich

Rohde & Schwarz Logo The „Physikalisch-technische Entwicklungslabor Dr. Rohde & Dr. Schwarz“ was founded by Lothar Rohde and Hermann Schwarz, who had studied at the University of Jena.

After mainly manufacturing physical measuring instruments during the war, the spectrum expanded to include the entire field of high-frequency technology and Rohde & Schwarz became a very renowned manufacturer of receivers covering shortwave up to severely high frequency, monitoring and direction-finding systems and other telecommunications equipment used in shipps and avionics.

With the heavyweight EK07 from Rohde & Schwarz, there was a serious competitor especially for the communication receivers from Collins. It was replaced by the EK47, a receiver with digital frequency display by means of Nixie tubes, which was also sold by Siemens under a different designation. In 1970, Rohde & Schwarz became the world leader in communications receivers for commercial and military use with the EK070. Dignified successors were the EK085 and the digitally controlled sets of the EK890 series. The EK896 with DSP technology is reminiscent of the Boatanchors only in terms of its 19-inch dimensions and is in use in monitoring stations and in commercial radio services.

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