Satellite 900

Satellite 900, developed by Grundig.

Grundig presented the Satellit 900 as the new flagship of the world band receiver series and successor to the Satellit 700 at the 1995 radio fair in Berlin. The set was only produced in a small series and some fame due to delays and technical problems. Before series production could be initiated, Grundig definitively discontinued the manufacture of world band receivers.

Grundig Satellite 900

Technical data

Power supply


  • 335 x 182 x 58 mm, weight kg



The Grundig Satellit 900 was only produced in a small series, the sets were shown at the International Radio Fair in Berlin.

The set is recognisable by its RDS capability and the multifunction display, which, according to factory pictures, shows a clearly different display than the Eton E1.

The Eton E1 largely adopted the design of the Grundig Satellit, it was marketed by Grundig USA as the „Grundig Satellit 900“; due to the rights to the company name, it was sold in Europe under „Eton“ brand.

This set, which was developed by the American manufacturer R.L.Drake and whose technical design was reminiscent of the last Drake receivers, differs massively from the Grundig original.

Technical principle

Double conversion superhet with PLL synthesis.


The set is equipped with semiconductors.

Technical documentation


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