Drake SW - 8

Manufactured by R. L. Drake.

In 1994, Drake presented a portable shortwave receiver, this was a novelty from the renowned manufacturer of receivers for radio amateurs and shortwave listeners: the earlier Drake sets were not intended for mobile use. Drake SW-8

Technical data

Power supply


  • 292 x 133 x 330 mm, weight 4.5 kg


Drake SW-8


The Drake SW-8 is a portable communications receiver that covers not only the entire AM range from 100 kHz to 30 MHz, but also the FM broadcast band and the aeronautical band.

The set in its 29 x 13.3 x 33 cm plastic cabinet has a weight of 4.5 kg and can be carried along on a carrying handle. With six UM-1 batteries and the telescopic antenna, you can go outside for a station hunt completely independent of mains power.

Turn the set on by pressing on the volume knob and then tune the receiver with the main tuning knob, using the UP/DOWN keys or by directly keying in the frequency on the numeric keypad. By means of double assignment of the controls, the various operating parameters can be set: select between the three IF bandwidths (6, 4 and 2.3 kHz), the short and long AGC decay time, the synchronous detector or activate the RF attenuator.

The set has a built-in digital clock with timer functions, two different switch-on times can be preset. Scan functions allow the user to scan through the memory channels.

On the rear of the unit, there is a PL259 antenna socket, terminals to connect FM and aeronautical band antennas and jacks for the external loudspeaker and line out.

Technical principle

Double conversion, digital PLL synthesis.


The set is completely solid state.

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