Touring CD 108

Manufactured by ITT Schaub-Lorenz, Pforzheim.

At the end of the 1970s, ITT - Schaub-Lorenz expanded its „Touring“ series of portable radios with double conversion set with analogue display, the Touring Professional 107, and a similar set with a switchable frequency counter, the Touring CD 108. ITT Touring CD 108

Technical data

Power supply


  • 310 x 265 x 80 mm, weight 3.8 kg


Touring CD 108


The portable unit with the peculiar portrait format of 310 x 265 x 80 mm and a weight of 3.8 kg is equipped with a carrying handle at the top, the loudspeaker radiates from the front, the frequency dialy, unfortunately with only very rough frequency marks, are arranged at an angle to the front and to the top; by pressing the orange-red button a frequency counter can be activated in the shortwave ranges and the reception frequency is displayed.

The set can be operated with the built-in power supply unit from 110 and 220 V mains voltage or alternatively from six UM-1/mono cells.

The large oval loudspeaker radiates towards the front of the set. Above it are the analogue dials for the shortwave broadcast bands 13 - 49 m, at the right of them the digital display of the quite dark LED frequency display.

The dials for VHF, mediumwave and longwave are directed to the top face. The 144 cm telescopic antenna and a long row of pushbuttons to select the band ranges and, slightly off to the right, the orange-red button to activate the digital frequency counter are also located at the top face. Unfortunately, the audio remains muted when the frequency is displayed. To find a known station, keep the button pressed and tune to the correct frequency; after releasing it, the station should be audible. To search stations, you must do without the frequency display, if an interesting signal is tuned, the frequency can be displayed by pressing the button. The advantage of tuning through a band while watching the frequency display when searching of interesting stations is not possible. The Touring CD 108 receives neither the 21 m band nor out-of-band stations.

Three knobs on the left face control the volume, treble and bass. The three knobs on the right face are the separate tuning knobs for VHF, medium/longwave and shortwave. (On my set, the gears of the shortwave tuning knob was completely gummed up. After applying plenty of Ballistol and a long soak, it took a lot of effort to get the dial drive going again - i.e. I had almost given up, but the next day I noticed that the tuning was running quite smoothly again). This problem is a quite common finding in CD 108 radios.

Technical principle

Double conversion superhet.


The set is semi-conductor equipped.

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