ITT Schaub - Lorenz Touring CD 108

Manufactured by ITT Schaub-Lorenz.

On more than one set I have come across, the angular gear drive of the tuning capacitor has become gummed up and the SW tuning won't move a millimetre.

The Dismantling of the cabinet of the CD-108 to gain access to the tuning capacitor is not trivial:

Disassembly of the cabinet Loosen the four rear panel screws, then try to loosen the rear panel at its bottom, slightly lift it off and pull it gently downward (do not break off the retaining lugs at the top !). Lift the front panel at the bottom in a similar way and slide it downward, also pay attention to the retaining lugs at the top front. Touring CD 108: inside

Move the pointer to the middle position. Unhook the front dial by pressing it upwards with your thumb and tilt it slightly at the bottom to lift it, unhook it from the dial pointer carrier and carefully remove the dial. Touring CD 108: dial removed

All the side knobs can be loosened and pulled outwards. The rod aerial is loosened from the clamp at the bottom and removed towards the bottom. Touring CD 108: chassis back

After removing two screws below the removed front dial and two screws underneath the dial on the left and right, the chassis can be taken out. The upper dial cover can be pushed out to the front, the pointer driver can be unhooked and the dial can also be slided out to the front.

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