Touroport 220

Manufactured by ITT Schaub-Lorenz, Pforzheim.

In 1983, ITT Schaub-Lorenz also presented a world band receiver in portable radio format with digital frequency synthesis.

ITT Touroport 220

Technical data

Power supply


  • 280 x 150 x 55 mm, weight 1.4 kg


ITT Touroport 220


The Touroport 220 is a microprocessor controlled world band receiver in portable radio format that can be operated from 110 / 220 V mains voltage or four UM-2 batteries.

On the front panel, to the left of the loudspeaker grille, are the tone control switch, the volume slide control and the main switch.

The centre field of the front panel is taken up by the digital display, and below a printed table of the frequency limits of the long, medium and shortwave bands.

On the right part of the front panel, you find the keys to operate set: above band selector keys, in the middle the numeric keypad for direct frequency input and below the keys for controlling the clock / timer functions; instead of a tuning knob, only UP/DOWN keys are used for tuning, if the knob is pressed longer, the tuning speed is increased.

For direct frequency input, select the desired frequency band, press the DIRECT button, the frequency is entered exactly to 5 kHz with the decimal point included and confirm with the ENTER button - now the desired station should be audible.

Unfortunately, there is neither a BFO for receiving CW or single sideband transmissions nor are off-band frequencies covered, so that the set was able to satisfy shortwave programme listeners demands at that time, but not the expectations of shortwave enthusiasts and amateurs; due to the price-performance ratio, the set was not a commercial success. ITT Touroport 220

Technical Principle

Single conversion superhet with digital frequency synthesis (PLL synthesizer).


The set is equipped with semiconductors.

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