Uniden is a Japanese company that manufactured CB radios for well-known brands, Scanner receivers and some shortwave receivers and wireless telephones.

Company history

The Japanese company was founded in 1966 by Hidero Fujimoto as Uni Electronics Corp. In the seventies, Uniden became one of the most important manufacturers of CB radios and scanner receivers. In the German-speaking countries, Uniden manufactured CB radios „for export only“, including the Cobra, President and Midland brands. Some sets from Pan, Stabo and Zodiac also came from Uniden; the brand label of the Japanese company was rarely found on sets sold in Europe.

As an optimised clone of Sony's ICF-2001, Uniden produced the CR 2021, which was also popular in Europe due to its price and reception performance.

In the USA, sets from Uniden were often sold under the brand Radio Shack. In recent years, wireless telephones (Uniden became one of the market leaders in this field), security technology and webcams have been the focus of the product range.

Further information

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