Grundig Yacht Boy 450

Manufactured by Grundig, Fürth.

The Grundig Yacht Boy is a somewhat improved successor to the Yacht Boy 400, the pocketbook-sized travel radio is equipped with a digital clock and a digital frequency display.

Yacht Boy 450

Technical data

Power supply

  • Batteries: 5 x 1.5 V (UM-3), 7.5 V DC; MR44 cell for clock operation


  • 220 x 135 x 40 mm, weight 0.7 kg


Yacht Boy 450


The Grundig Yacht Boy 450 travel portable is similar to the Yacht Boy 400, it has a pocket book format with a linear dial with the shortwave broadcast bands.

The set comes in a black or silver-coloured plastic cabinet, with 22 x 13.5 x 4 cm, the Yacht Boy 450 has about the dimensions of a paperback book. It is powered by 5 UM-3 batteries (AA type) and has a jack for an external 7.5 V power supply unit on the left side. Under a round cover on the rear side, which can be opened with a coin, there is an MR44 button cell for operating the digital clock.

The base joint of the telescopic antenna on the upper edge is retractable, the buttons for setting the time are located on the upper edge, and an earphone socket is located on the left side next to the external voltage jack. There is no external antenna connector provided.

The loudspeaker is located on the left side of the front panel. In the middle row of controls, the volume slider is at the top, the tone control is a rotary potentiometer (the developers at Grundig always had an understanding of good sound), and at the bottom, the slide switch to select the shortwave bands is located.

The right half of the front panel is dominated by the display window of the analogue dial for the different shortwave bands. In the shortwave bands, the 100 kHz dial marks allow you to locate a station quite well in the 49m and 41m bands. On the higher frequency bands, the marks are much closer together. The tropical bands are missing, but the unit covers long waves.

The bands KW/LW/MW/UKW are switched with push-buttons, they switch on the radio when pressed, a small orange off button turns the radio off.

The tuning knob is located on the right side, a small tuning LED lights up generously to indicate a station worth receiving, so it also serves as an operating lamp.

The display on the left above the loudspeaker grille shows the clock and alarm time. Small buttons on the top of the unit are used to activate the frequency display, local time / alarm time, to activate the alarm function with radio reception or buzzing sound, etc.

Operation of the Yacht Boy is completely unproblematic: press one of the band buttons to turn on the set, select the shortwave band with the slide switch and tune to the desired station, adjust volume and tone, done. The frequency search is quite difficult on the analogue dial with coarse frequency marks, pressing the corresponding key activates the digital frequency display. Pressing the orange O off button silences the Yacht Boy 450; when you switch it on, the last station come up again at the last used volume setting.

In summary, the Grundig Yacht Boy 450 is a simple travel radio with an acceptable shortwave band coverage for Central Europea, it has a good sound typical for Grundig and, thanks to the digital frequency display, makes frequency determination very practical. With the digital clock functions, the unit can be used as a travel alarm clock and is an almost perfect litle travel radio.

Technical principle

Single conversion with six spread shortwave bands; digital frequency display with frequency counter.


The unit is completely solid state.

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