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The successor of the IC-R71 has been advertised in February 1990 and presented at the 1990 Ham Radio fair, but it made it's appearence on the shelves of the amateur radio shops not before the end of 1990.

Double conversion, I.F. 70,4515 MHz, 9,0115 MHz, 455 kHz

Digital display accuracy 10 Hz, coverage 100 kHz - 30 MHz

AM, CW, USB/LSB, FM (optional)

Sensitivity CW/SSB <0,18 uV

Selectivity(-6/-60 dB) AM 6/20 kHz, SSB 2,3/4,2 kHz

S meter, RF gain, AGC, 99 memories, frequency keypad

The Icom IC-R72 was the successor of the IC-R71 communications receiver, it is microprocessor controlled and comes with 99 memories as well as a direct frequency entry keypad. It's dimensions are 24,1 x 9,4 x 22,9 cm and it's weight 4,8 kg.

Is has above average performance for SSB reception, but the standard AM filter is far too wide and it's shape factor is poor, so a modification or replacement with a narrow band AM filter with steep filter skirts is essential if You like to switch to AM for DXing.
The passband tuning found on the early Icom receivers had to omitted from late production samples of the IC-R71 and also the IC-R72 comes without this very useful tool.

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