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revised 19.10.2010

The ITT Touring CD 108 multiband receiver has been developed from the ITT Touring professional als basic model, as an improvement, a 5 element digital frequency readout using LEDs has been added. Because of it's very power consuming, the counter (only active on the shortwave ranges) is activated by pressing the button CD.
double conversion, 2022 / 455 kHz

digital frequency display, 1 kHz, switchable


FM, LW, MW, KW (49, 41, 31, 25, 19, 16, 13 m)

Selektivity -6 dB/ -60 dB
4.3 / 14.5 kHz

Sensitivity 2 - 30 MHz
3,2 uV for 6 dB S + N/N

pushbutton activated LED digital frequency display

The CD-108 is a quite huge multiband radio covering the FM-band, long- and mediumwaves and seven shortwave broadcasting bands.
The black and silver plastic cabinet has got a rugged carrying handle, but with it's dimensions of 31 x 27 x 8 cm and the weight of 3,8 kg with batteries included, You would place this set rather on Your desk or next to a workbench then carrying it around on Your holiday trips.

On the top face of the set, You find a long row of pushbuttons for the wanve rangesm the CD button will mute the receiver and will activate the frequency counter and the orange knob at the right back corner will act as mains switch. The sliding ruler dials for FM, long- and mediumwaves are directed to the top face and have their own pointers. A telescopic antenna pops out at the left hand side of the top face, so the receiver is ready for stand-alone operation.
The fron panel is nearly square. In the upper half of the front panel, You find the shortwave dials and the window with the LED frequency display, in the bottom half the big oval speaker that will perform quite well with a music output of up to seven Watts.
On the right hand side of the receiver, three tuning knob allow tuning of FM, medium- / longwaves and the shortwave bands separately. Three similar knobs on the left side are used for volume, bass and treble control.

The CD-108 comes with an internal 110 / 220V AC power supply and can also be operated with six UM-1 / mono cells. Unless You operate the frequency display to often, this batteries will last quite a long time.

Nowadays, the receiver conception with its switchable bandspread shortwave bands and frequency display using a frequency counter, is rather outdated. When the set first appeared on the market, this design was not absolutely futuristic, it reflects a compromise between price and the posibility of simply having accurate digital frequency readout. The fact, that the counter is quite power consuming and the receiver has be to muted while the frequency display is activated, has been a major drawback even during the years, the set has been on the market.
The CD-108 semms to me as beeing a collector's item today: it will perform well on FM and for listening to local AM signals and offers pleasant audio in Your kitchen, study or workshop. But the CD-108 is not the kind of set You would like for long distance shortwave listening: the sensitivity is too poor, only one IF bandwidth far too wide to give sufficient selectivity, no BFO to catch CW or SSB signals, no signal strength indicator - not a DXers dream set.

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© Martin Bösch 16.11.2007