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Kenwood introduced the PLL synthesized R-2000 communications receiver in 1983, it was a competitor to the more pricey NRD-525 and the much more complex to operate Icom IC-R70.

Triple conversion: 1st IF 45,9 MHz, 2nd I.F. 9,9 MHz and 3rf I.F. 455 kHz

digital display, resolution 100 Hz, 50 Hz steps


150 kHz - 30 MHz (German variant: 26,1 MHz)

Sensitivity SSB < 0.4 uV, AM < 4 uV

Selectivity (-6/-60 dB)
AM 6/19,5 kHz / 2,7/6 kHz / SSB 2,7/6 kHz, optional CW 0,5/0,82 kHz)

S meter, moise blanker, two speed AGC, three step attenuator,

10 memories, clock / timer

The Kenwood R-2000 is a PLL synthesized triple conversion communications receiver covering frequencies up to 30 MHz. It can be operated from 100 / 120 / 220 / 240 V mains for mobile operation from 13,8 V DC.

The desktop receiver is with it's dimensions (375 x 115 x 210 mm) and weight (5.5 kg) quite compact, but it's not a really "portable" set.

The R-2000 communications receiver delivered good performance on shortwaves, there is a minor nuisance as minimal tuning steps are only 50 Hz and the set comes without fine tuning or RIT, so ECSS reception (adding an internally generated carrier in SSB mode to a faint AM signal to receive this in SSB mode with selectable sidebands and less fading) is quite poor, the tuning steps are to coarse to avoid Mickey Mouse voices and strange music performance, as most often, the internal carrier from the BFO is not coincident with the stations's original carrier. But CW and SSB reception is fine for occasional listening to some amateur radio or Volmet traffic, and AM reception with the narriw I.F. filter is good.
The set comes with ten memories, not so many from today's point of view, but a great step from the single frequency channel of the R-1000 or the two VFO's of the Icom IC-R70. The set gives also the possibility to directly key in a desired frequency - a great improvement in comparison to sets as the R-1000, R-600 or the venerable Collins R-390A, when You want to change from 4990 to 5015 kHz...
The set comes also with an internal clock with timer functions and some scanning modes, all of them not absolutely necessary for shortwave DXing but somthing to enjoy for casual listening - and these were very new features when the set came out.

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