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Kenwood introduced the R-5000 as a high end communications receiver in a similar design to the one of the TS-440 in 1987.
The set is based on a PLL synthesizer and operates as double conversion superhet in AM mode and as triple conversion set in FM.

Double / triple conversion: 1st IF 58,112 MHz, 2nd I.F. 8.830 MHz and 3rf I.F. 455 kHz in FM mode only

digital display, resolution 10 Hz


200 kHz - 30 MHz (German variant: 26,2 MHz)

Sensitivity SSB < 0.25 uV

Selectivity -6 dB
6 / 2 kHz

S meter, noise blanker, IF Shift, two speed AGC, three step attenuator, AF notch filter

100 memories, clock / timer

The Kenwood R-5000 is a PLL synthesized double conversion (in FM mode triple conversion) communications receiver covering frequencies up to 30 MHz. It can be operated from different mains voltages and also for mobile operation from 13,8 V DC with the optional DGK-2 kit.

The desktop receiver is with it's dimensions (280 x 110 x 300 mm) and weight (5.6 kg) quite compact.

The R-5000 is a high end communications receiver aiming at the same avid shortwave listener community as the Icom R-71 or JRC's NRD-525.
It's shortwave performance is excellent, the R-5000 offers several possibilities to improve the reception of a disturbed signal, like an IF shift (acting similar like a passband tuning) and a A.F. notch filter to eliminate an interfering signal's whistle. Kenwood offered two additional narrow band CW filters.

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