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überarbeitet am 22.10.2010

The German Importer Pan International sold some multiband sets made in Japan, these wideband receivers did cover not only the common shortwave bands, but they covered additional bands from the VHF Aircraft and police bands up to UHF bands.
In Germany, even possession of a set covering out of band frequencies was illegal in the eighties and into the nineties, You could risk Your set to be confiscated. That's why possession of such a radio was a thrill, and prices were respectively "thrilling".
In Switzerland possession was allowed, but You were not allowed to operate the set on an out of band frequency - You risked Your set beeing confiscated only, if police caught You listening to a police band signal. Also in Italy, the restrictions were not so strict, so a few of the sets have been imported by Swiss or Italian importers.

Because of these sets have been banned by the authorities, quite often an above average capability of capturing the faintest signals has been attributed to them - the sub-standard sensitivity and selectivity quite often lead to disappointing first contacts with shortwave reception.
Fantasy names on the box and thrilling illustrations in the advertisements lead to much to high expectations - most of the sets are mediocre performers.

Crusader X: (Globephone Space Commander GS-8008DX):
double conversion, digital frequency display 1 kHz,
LW, MW, SWx4, UKW, VHFx4, UHF (70 cm: no digital frequency display)
Crusader 5000:
double conversion, digital frequency display 1 kHz,
LW, MW, SWx4, UKW, VHFx4, UHF (70 cm:no digital frequency display),
integrated cassette recorder.
Crusader 8000:
double conversion, digital frequency display 1 kHz,
continuous coverage 151 kHz - 512 MHz