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überarbeitet am 22.10.2010

The American discounter Tandy / RadioShack offered a wide range of shortwave radios mainly produced in the far east, so RadioShack sol nearly the complete range of Sangean portables.
Around 1997, RadioShack sold the DX-350, a simple analog shortwave travel radio with bandspread on nine shortwave bands.

Single conversion,

Analog dial, > 25 kHz


LW, MW, 9 x SW (49 - 11 m), FM broadcast band

Selectivity -6 dB/ -60 dB


The RadioShack Realistic DX-350 is a portable shortwave travel radio, the single conversion set comes in a cabinet with the dimensions of a pocket book, 18,2 x 10,5 x 3,8 cm / 400 g.
The radio is powered by four UM-3 / AA batteries or 6 V DC from power supply. It comes with leatherette protection cover.

The speaker is located behind the speaker grill at the left side of the receiver's front panel.
At the right, You find the horizontal bandspread dials with coarse markings for the 49 - 11 m shortwave broadcast bands and just below at the left the sliding bandswitch for FM, MW, LW and shortwaves, and at the right the shortwave band selector. The power switch is located at the top small face of the set.

At the right small face of the receiver, You find the tuning knob, a tuning indicator LED is lit when a strong signal is tuned to, and just below the rotary volume control.

The Realistic DX-350 is easy to operate, like the Sony analog shortwave radios. Set the main switch to ON, the band switch to SW and use the sliding band selector to select the desired shortwave range, position 1 will select the 49 m shortwave broadcast band. Look out for the news coming from Cologne somewhere between the 6.05 and 6.10 frequency marks, and You are tuned to 6075 kHz.

The sensivitity of the DX-350 is adequate, selectivity is sufficient to select between shortwave stations on adjacent channels under most conditions. Shortwave coverage is limited to the selection of the popular shortwave broadcast bands from 49 - 11 meters, out of band channels and the tropical bands are not covered.
The audio quality is adequate, the set has no synthesizer hiss as found frequently on cheap PLL synthesized multiband radios - but the lack of a digital frequency display and memories will make this radio a collector's item, today. You can use ot to receive the local stations when You are on a trip abroad, but to stay connected with Your home, I would look for a set with digital frequency display.

© Martin Bösch 20.8.2005