Sangean ATS-801

Manufactured by Sangean, Taiwan.

The Sangean ATS-801 is a simple, low-cost, pocket-sized world band receiver with PLL frequency synthesizer, digital frequency display and several memories; the set was sold by electronics discounters under various brands.

Sangean ATS-801, here as ISAM

Technical data

Power supply

  • Batteries: 4 x 1.5 V (UM-3), 2 x 1.5 V button cells G13/357 for quartz clock and memory


  • 180 x 110 x 30 mm, weight 0.4 kg


  • telescopic antenna

Sangean ATS-801, here as ISAM


Sangean's ATS-801 is a compact world band receiver, the single conversion set features PLL frequency synthesis, a digital frequency display and memory options (2 x five in each waveband) and at the time of its release, it was one of the low-cost entry-level pocket travel radios with digital display.

Sangean ATS-801, here as ISAM The set has a „lock“ slide switch, which protects against accidental switch-on in the luggage, it must be set to „OFF“ during operation. For operation, not only four UM-3/AA batteries are needed, but also two 1.5 LR-44 / A76 button cells, which are also necessary for displaying the time and for memory retention. In the battery compartment, a plastic slide must be pushed upwards and then lifted to access the battery compartment; leaking batteries can only be removed with difficulty and a pointed screwdriver.

With the OFF-AUTO-ON switch, the set is switched on in the ON position; in the AUTO position, the alarm mode is activated.

Another slide switch is used to select the frequency range, when the frequency range is set, you can search for signals with the UP/DOWN tuning keys, there is no rotary control for tuning, but there is an automatic station search SCAN AUTO. When it's active, use the UP/DOWN key to move to the next station with sufficient signal strength.

A frequency can be stored by pressing the Store key and the corresponding memory key M1 to M5; a table on the back can be used to write down the memory channel assignment.

Technical principle

Single conversion, PLL synthesis circuit.


The set is solid state.

Technical documentation


Sangean ATS-801, here as ISAM The ATS-801 was probably developed by Sangean around 1988, and a slightly modified version, the ATS-802, appeared shortly afterwards.

Various discounters sold the set under their own brand, so the ATS-801 was available with the brand of the CB radio distributor ISAM or Seltron.

Further information

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