Phlips L6X38T

L6X38T manufactured by Philips.

The Philips L6X38T attracted much attention when the transistorised all wave receiver made an appearance in a James Bond movie.

Philips L6X38T

Technical data

Power supply


  • 370 x 260 x 120 mm, weight ? kg


Philips L6X38T


The Philips L6X38T „Antoinette“ is an early transistorised world receiver with long, medium and four shortwave ranges that appeared briefly in a James Bond movie.

The Philips L6X38T is a quite bulky portable multi band radios which appeared in 1963/64. The set can be powered from six 1.5 V batteries.

The receiver has two VHF telescopic antennas and a loop antenna which folds up at the rear side of the cabinet. A protective lid does also fold up an unveils the dial for the VHF / FM broadcast band on the top face of the radio and the dials for long-, medium- and shortwaves at the front. In the inside of the lid, there is a mechanical world time calculator disc, a tool found in several contemporary sets. Philips L6X38T On the front of the receiver, the horizontal dials for the AM ranges, longwave, mediumwave and four shortwave ranges are locatet at the top, they are covered when the protective lid is closed. Next to a tiny signal strength / battery meter, the pushbutton for pick up (PU), a pilot light and the OFF switch are located.

At the right side of the shiny metallic speaker grille, you find the pushbuttons for the different wavebands and at the left side the rotary controls for volume, bass and treble.

At the top face, left to the VHF / FM band dial, the buttons for the AFC (active in the FM band) and the dial lights are located.

On the rear face, there is a selection of different antenna connectors and the sockets to connect a turntable pick up and earphones. The whole set is on a rotary stand so it can be rotated for direction finding (or to find the signal strength maximum of the ferrite antenna active in the long- / mediumwave band.

The set is now nearly fifty years old and the transistors from that time tend to fail, with the impressive shiny Philips L6X38T you can enjoy listening to some national and international broadcasters, but travel radios are much smaller nowadays.

Technical Principle


Philips L6X38T The set is solid-state, 11 semiconductors.

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