Silver XF2400

Developed by the Japanese company of Shin-Shirasuna Electric Corp., manufactured in ROC Taiwan.

In the 1980s, with the emerging interest of a wider audience in international shortwave broadcasting, several low-cost travel could be found on the shelves of discount stores.

Silver XF2400

Technical data

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  • 190 x 92 x 33 mm, weight 0.3 kg


Silver XF2400


The Silver XF2400 is a compact multi-band receiver developed by the Japanese company Shin-Shirasuna Electric Corp., manufactured in Taiwand and marketed under the Silver brand. The set covers seven shortwave bands in addition to VHF, long and mediumwaves. In contrast to other sets that appeared at the same time, the shortwave bands of the Silver XF2400 are only slightly spread. I.e. each of the seven ranges covers two international shortwave broadcast bands and the frequencies in between. However, due to gaps between the ranges, shortwaves are not completely covered (3 - 3.5 MHz / 3.8 - 5.1 MHz / 5.8 - 7.6 MHz / 9.4 - 12.1 MHz / 13.4 - 16.1 MHz / 17.2 - 19.6 MHz / 21.4 - 26.1 MHz). Accordingly, the tuning accuracy is considerably lower than in sets, in which only one broadcast band is spread in one range. On the other hand, most out-of-band frequencies can be tuned.

On the right side of the front panel are the horizontal frequency dials with only coarse marks. Bars indicate the position of the international shortwave bands. The upper slide switch with a blue background serves as the main switch and selects between AM and FM (VHF). The lower similar switch selects between long, medium and shortwaves. A slide switch below the frequency dial selects the shortwave band. Next to it, the slider volume control is located; the tuning knob is on the right face of the radio.

On the left is the loudspeaker grill and in the upper left corner a tone switch with a bass position.

The set allows the reception of local and the most important international shortwave stations, but it is difficult to tune to a specific frequency in a shortwave band, because the band spread is only moderately wide. However, several well-known out-of-band channels (e.g. BBC on 9410 and 12095 kHz) are covered, but these frequencies are no longer active today. The manufacturing quality of the Silver sets was always relatively high in view of the Far East production.

The XF1900 with similar dimensions and design was equipped with a digital frequency counter, it is closely related to the small Nordmende Globetrotter 2019.

Technical principle

Silver XF2400Analogue single conversion superhet with moderate band spread over the most important SW broadcast bands.


The set is equipped with semiconductors.

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