Sony ICF-7600DA

Manufactured by Sony, Tokyo.

As a compromise between digital technology and analogue „touch and feel“, Sony launched the ICF-7600DA (for Digital Analogue) in 1987. The set with its hermaphroditic existence with digital frequency display and also a conventional frequency dial with an LCD line as dial pointer was no commercial success.

Sony ICF-7600DA

Technical data

Power supply

  • Mains operation: with mains adapter AC-240 or AC-D4S 110, 220 V
  • Batteries: 4 x 1.5 V (UM-3); with the car battery cable DCC-127A, operation from the 12 V car battery is possible.


  • 192 x 117 x 32 mm, weight 0.6 kg


  • Outdoor antenna AN-1

Sony ICF-7600DA


The set holds a peculiar hermaphrodite position between the digital world band radios in Sony's 7600 family and the analogue travel portables, it is microprocessor controlled with a digital frequency display and also a „pseudo-analogue dial“ with vertical dials for the shortwave broadcast bands and an LCD line acting as a dial pointer which shows the approximate position within a shortwave broadcast band.

The set can be powered by a mains adapter or by four UM-3 batteries, the MAIN POWER slide switch on the top face is used to switch on the power supply and pressing the ON/OFF button starts the set. With the CLOCK button pressed, the time can be set with the tuning wheel.

Press SW and then SW SELECT to select the desired shortwave broadcast band. Out-of-band frequencies and amateur radio stations cannot be tuned because the frequency coverage is limited to the shortwave broadcast bands.

The set has fifteen frequency memories, in which the frequency of the currently tuned station is stored by pressing the ENTER and PRESET keys. Unfortunately, only five frequencies can be stored per band (VHF, MW and all shortwave bands).

The set has a clock with alarm clock and sleep timer functions.

The reception characteristics correspond to those of the other world band receivers from the same manufacturer, however, due to the lack of coverage of out-of-band frequencies and the lack of single sideband reception options, the ICF-7600DA is not suitable for all those who would like to listen occasionally to conversation of radio amateurs.

Technical principle

Double conversion, digital PLL synthesis with digital and pseudo-analogue frequency display.


The set is equipped with semiconductors.

Technical documentation


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