Commercial receivers from RFT / Funkwerk Köpenick

The VEB Kombinat Nachrichtenelektronik, Köpenick was a manufacturer of high end communications receivers in the former GDR, the German Democratic Republik. Many sets were exported to other Eastern European countries of the RGW. After the reunification of Germany, a good number of sets from state agencies were sold on the second-hand market. As far as reception performance is concerned, these receivers can easily compete with receivers from the renowned West German and American manufacturers.

The earlier receivers dating from the early sixties had a turret tuner with a calibrated non-linear analogue dial. The EKV series receivers were equipped with a mechanical digital frequency display similar to the Collins R-390A and mechanical filters.

The next receiver generation brought the EKD100 in the late seventies, the double conversion set was controlled by decadic switches for frequency selection. The EKD300 was introduced in 1980 / 1981 and featured a conventional tuning knob and a keypad for direct frequency entry. The next model was the EKD500 in 1986, which also had an integrated RTTY demodulator and the option of remote control and master-slave operation. The EKD700 did not make it past the prototype stage, only a small series of ten units was produced until the manufacturing company was „abgewickelt“ after the fall of the Berlin Wall, it was one of the companies sold cheap an then had to cease receiver production as the new owner did not want to support a competitor in the same company „house“.

A special case was the simple amateur radio receiver AFE 12 from the same manufacturer, which covered only the 160/80 m amateur bands at an affordable price.

Commercial receivers from RFT / Funkwerk Köpenick

13401962Double conversion14 kHz - 30.1 MHzAM, SSB; turret tuner, interpolation oscillator
EKV 10 / 151971Triple Conversion1.6 - 30 MHzAM, SSB, ISB; mechanical digital display 100 Hz, optional modules for diversity and FSK
EKD3001984Double conversion14 kHz - 30 MHzAM, SSB, ISB, digital display 10 Hz, optional external preselector / diversity / FSK adaptor EZ100
EKD5001986Double conversion14 kHz - 30 MHzAM, SSB, ISB, digital display 10 Hz, built-in RTTY/FAX - demodulator, 99 memories, interface for PC control / master-slave operation
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